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QuantumX 50


Great, but didnt get the discount when I ordered

Great little light

Awesome light
Plants respond very well to these lights!
I also have 2 of the 200 watt fixtures and will keep buying more!

Nice light

Seems like a great light.@ 50W it's a little small on power,but the spectrum seems to be where the magic is with this.A full spectrum white light w/a deep red built into the same diode...or so I was told by crecer.Only a couple things that I seen...#1 a power switch would be nice,#2 some grommets where the wires come thru the metal fixture and #3 which is not a biggy but we are all perfectionist..right??? Wheb you stick those pretty looking decals on....get'em straight for F##k
Shipping from these guys was only 5 days from Cali to my hands in Ontario Canada..Amazing....keep up the good work!

Great, happy :)

Is my first time writing a review, am so happy with these light my plant is performing beautifully, the costumer services is good, not problem at all. Thinking to get another one.

Put 8 into Flower the day I got this Super Light

Well Built light fast shipping.
643 Watts from wall at 29-30" from canopy.
See my youtube of my grow

Quantum 50

Bought two of these about 2 months ago. I will NOT buy another brand light! These things do amazing things! If I could figure out how to upload pics, I would show you how amazing they are.

Awesome and on time

I was and am pleased with the service that was provided. It works wonderful and will be a returning customer.

Nice light

The light is well crafted and puts out a good spectrum.
It is heavey.
Maybe considering using thinner lighter material for the reflector housing.
16 gauge cold rolled steel seems a bit thick for some of the parts.
Maybe some lighter aluminum.
Or reinforce the corners of the boxes that you use for shipping.
I received 2 damaged light fixtures because they were dropped during shipping.
Keep up the good work.
Matt Naney

It works

What can I say, it works. I have a 50w panel and a 300w Viparspectra for a little added blue in a 3x3 and it’s vegging nice compact plants, great spacing and all around good growth. For such a small panel it’s pretty bright, feels very solid and doesn’t feel cheap one bit, great purchase so far.

4 stars for the price point, just a little spendy in my opinion. $120 for the 50w panel when you could buy a 4 pack of 132’s from HLG if you’re into DIY stuff, the power chord could also be much longer, I don’t like to keep any electrical strips or plugs in the tent running 70+ RH, @ 20” the chord barely has slack when running it through the cord port on the bottom of the tent.

Other than that it’s an effective growing LED panel in my opinion.

Quantum X200

Extremely bright - plants love it!

Great Product Fast Shipping

Got here fast and makes my plants real happy. No problems with this light and very reasonably priced.

Nice lights work great

Light worked very well in veg and flower, plants are on 3 different leds and Crecer out performed them all with less watts and gave the plants excellent coverage with the fixture.

QuantumX 200

This light is awesome! So much brighter than my previous light. I also like the fact that it has the white LEDs.

Quantum x 200

Bad ass little light I’ve only had it for a week now but I love it. Plants are responding much better than t5 lights. I think this light is brighter then two t5 8 bulbers definitely will buy another one soon

Awesome Light arguably one of the best

I had came across these guys a couple of times and always wondered about their lights. Just recently picked up the Quantum 100 and this light is amazing. Just hung it up today but the build quality is great. Super lightweight, feels like it has nice quality parts. I would highly recommend this brand. I am going to grab a pantherX for my main grow when I get going again. Right now this smaller light was for trial runs and for testing out the spectrum. I don’t think I’ve seen a better light for the price. Being built in the US and shipped from the US as well is a plus. Super excited to see what this company turns out to be.