Smart Tips to Reduce Costs for Indoor Cannabis Cultivation

Indoor cannabis cultivation is not the most cost-effective process if you aren’t familiar with it. To that end, here are a few tips to help you cut down your costs and make sure you get maximum output with the least input.

  1. Soil is a No-Go

Every plant in the grow room relies on the growing medium for its nutrition. This, however, shouldn’t end up burning a hole in your pocket, which is why you should refrain from making use of soil as a medium of growth as not only does it cost a pretty penny, disposing of it properly and even transporting it, work out to be quite an expensive proposition. Moreover, soil can also end up bringing in harmful microbes, pests, and parasites into the otherwise safe environment of the room. Instead, you should consider using hydroponics. It takes some practice and research, of course, but once your hydroponic set-up is in place, the only expense thereafter will be that of the running water, and even that can be brought down by purifying and reusing the water.

  1. Keep Usage of Pesticides to a Minimum

Pesticides are wildly expensive and can also lead to the spread and transfer of harmful microbes and other pests via air, which is why it is advised that all the grow rooms be isolated. Also, be sure to invest in a proper air sanitation set-up as the clean air will ensure that your plants flourish.

  1. Automation

Any cannabis cultivation operation requires a lot of labor, which is why it is our recommendation that you consider automating the otherwise labor-intensive cultivation process so as to save money in the long run.

  1. Lighting

As much as 33 percent of the total energy used in a cannabis cultivation and growth facility is consumed or used up by all the lighting and light equipment in the grow room. So, what can you do to save energy and cut down costs? Well, you could start by refraining from using HPS bulbs that are single-ended as they are not energy-efficient and consume a lot of energy, raising your expenditure. Instead, you could use double-ended bulbs. Double-ended light bulbs can boost your light output by as much as 30 percent, all while still remaining with the limits of Par and using the same amounts of energy as before.

You must, however, also make sure to turn your lights off when not in use as well as adhere to municipal timings and guidelines to actually make savings and not overshoot the budget you have allocated for lighting expenditure as electricity charges are based on the highest load of electricity consumption in a given time, even if the additional load only lasted for just a few minutes. The most usage and consumption of energy or electricity takes place during the ballast start-up, which is why we would recommend that you make use of a Smart Panel in order to turn on the lights in a manner that is paced well and does not result in too much of a load, such as what would happen if you were to turn on all the lights at the same time.

We would also advise you to only make use of fresh or new bulbs as the older the bulbs get, the less energy efficient they become. In fact, they also become weaker, and unable to emit light and heat as brightly and intensely, respectively, as before.

Furthermore, it is also recommended that you carry out regular inspection of your cannabis cultivation facility to check and ensure that all your equipment is working properly. In case of any damage or wear and tear, be sure to fix the problem or replace the faulty equipment with a new substitute. Take broken or damaged reflectors, for instance. It is imperative to change them as soon as possible as damaged reflector linings cannot reflect light properly, the way they are supposed to, thus resulting in unnecessary and avoidable wastage of light.

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