Cannabis cultivation with LED grow lights guide

If you do not have the option of growing cannabis outdoors, you will naturally have to resort to the only other alternative that is, cultivating it indoors with the help of LED grow lights. If you are new to cannabis cultivation with LED grow lights method or have been trying it for quite some years now, let us assure you for a fact that the light you choose will inevitably make all the differences.

How can LED grow lights help in the growth of cannabis?

For the uninitiated, the reason why LED grow lights work in the favor of cannabis is that the plant is photoperiod sensitive and is grouped under the category of short-day plants. Like the other short-day plants that transform from their vegetative stage to floral growth stage within "short day" lengths, cannabis too starts flowering after receiving light for 12 hours continuously.

Light Emitting Diodes, or what is more commonly known as LEDs have created a lot of buzz in the cultivation industry and for all the right reasons. Depending upon the needs of the indoor setting and of the cannabis plants, the best LED grow lights can be customized to only emit wavelengths that will turn out to be efficacious for the former. Also, the good news is, even if you have limited space in the room and need to place the LEDs closer to the canopy of the crop, you can do that as well. This is because these lights do not generate as much heat as their counterparts such as metal halide and pressure sodium lamps thereby, eliminating the probability of drying out the plants altogether.

Things to remember

To make things a little easier for you, in the following segment, we will furnish you with an insight into certain things that you should bear in mind while cultivating cannabis with the best LED grow lights online, PanthrX II in particular.

  • Using LED lights for seedlings

During the initial stage of cannabis cultivation (seedling), the light shouldn’t be as strong as it is expected to be in the subsequent phases. This implies that you can either reduce the intensity of the lights until the seeds make a transition to the next stage or move them further away from the seeding (not too far up though).


Because PanthrX II is specifically designed for indoor cannabis cultivation, you don't have to worry about its "passive cooling" which qualifies as an indispensable for this stage. Ideally, for seedlings, the lights should operate for 18 hours straight, followed by 8 hours of darkness. 

  • Using LED lights for vegetation

Some growers prefer keeping the LED lights on for 20 or even 24 hours each day to maximize the growth of the crops but, we would suggest you start with 18 hours/day of lighting first.


The verity that PanthrX II renders full-spectrum white light output along with high-efficiency output cannot be overlooked here. Therefore, just to be on the safer side of the spectrum, commence with the optimum hours of lighting required for cannabis vegetation.

  • Using LED lights for flowering

As we have already mentioned in the preceding section, the efficiency, coverage, and power capacity of PanthrX II LED grow lights are unparalleled and wouldn’t come in the way of the standard number of hours required for flowering.


Set the timer of the lights for 12 hours and make sure that there’s uninterrupted darkness during the other 12 hours of the day.

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