Benefits of LED Grow Lights Over HPS Lights

Are you planning to create a personal indoor garden? That’s definitely a great idea! It will help you grow your own healthy and organic vegetables. Moreover, after the legalization of cannabis products, many professionals also prefer to grow cannabis at their indoor garden.

One of the biggest concerns for all indoor garden owners is to manage adequate lighting on the premises. It is not possible to get enough natural light that could support the normal growth of plants. Hence, you may need to invest in artificial lighting arrangements to boost the cultivation.

Although the market is loaded with many creative grow light products; one should be more careful while investing in the best product. There are two popular options that may confuse you: Led Grow Lights and HPS Lights. There are lots of misconceptions over which of these is the superior choice. As technology has changed dramatically over the years, the design and performance of these grow lights have also improved by a considerable level.

Both LED Grow Lights and HPS Lights have their unique pros and cons; however, experts recommend using LED grow lights over HPS lights for some solid reasons. Below we have listed a few benefits of LED Grow Lights of HPS Lights to ease your purchase decision:

Why choose LED Grow Lights over HPS Lights?

LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. These grow lights are being widely used from the past several years, and the stunning integration of latest technologies have changed the game now. Earlier, HPS lights were the only available option in the market. But now people find LED Grow lights more reliable, and they are widely recommended for commercial cannabis growth.

High quality LED grow lights can produce almost equivalent or even higher yields as compared to the HPS lights and that too with lower energy consumption. This is the biggest reason why most of the cannabis growers find it a reliable choice for indoor cultivation. Other than this, LED grow lights are also a very cost-efficient and environmentally friendly solution for indoor plants. Although the upfront cost of installing LED grow lights may appear higher than HPS lights, they offer more energy saving in the long run. Moreover, the extended lifetime of LED grow lights can help you save more by avoiding frequent replacements.

LED grow light VS HPS

Here we have listed few points describing the benefits of best LED grow lights over HPS lights:

  • HPS grow lights are less energy-efficient, and they consume more power as compared to the LED grow lights. The LED version can deliver more light while consuming a substantially lower amount of energy.
  • The lifetime of HPS lights is shorter as compared to the LED lights. Your one-time investment on these advanced lights can help you enjoy a long-life performance with ease. Moreover, you can save more by avoiding repeated repair and maintenance.
  • LED grow lights can produce heat almost the same as that of HPS lights, without even requiring additional arrangement for airflow and ventilation.
  • LED grow lights take smaller space as compared to the HPS lights; they are also easier to install.

Considering all these benefits, you should now look for the best LED grow lights online and get them installed at your indoor garden fast.

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