LED grow light for Floriculture

LED grow light for floriculture

The floriculture industry encompasses a wide variety of planting styles from bedding, to potted and cut flowers. Lighting needs vary based on species and production styles, however light remains an integral growth variable in production. Low light conditions result in poor quality plants that show an increase in blindness, stretching and have smaller flowers with thinner stems. If plants are grown at excessively high light levels, leaf orientation will change to avoid the light and the plants may also develop “sunburn”.

Our Horticultural LEDs address the importance of aesthetics and control for floriculture. Our dynamic LEDs allow for increased control over flowering times, quality, and robust growth. Growers that use smartPAR Wireless Control can adjust light spectra to achieve this advanced control over their crop, with different ratios of red to blue light used to influence plant growth.
More blue light drives vegetative and root growth, while red light promotes germination and controls flowering. Light ratios can be used to decrease time to flowering and increase flower count. Light can also be used to influence growth, creating a taller or more compact plant depending on growers needs.
Increased control over flowering is being used by commercial flower growers to run faster production cycles and to meet tight supply-chain deadlines.  When using smartPAR to enable light as a growth variable, LEDs quickly become the most powerful tool in a flower growers toolbox.